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March 20, 2019
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The talent market remains challenging for employers. While millions of workers remain available, the most skilled ones of them are typically hard to find and are able to attract the interest of multiple employers. One way to bring in and retain talent is to offer a comprehensive package that spans many different types of employee benefits insurance. Benefits aren’t only about health care anymore.

  • Life insurance helps employees protect their loved ones against their untimely demise. Whether offered in conjunction with a group health policy or offered on its own, it is an inexpensive coverage to add.
  • With one-in-three Americans likely to end up in a skilled nursing facility, offering long-term care insurance allows a company to telegraph its commitment to its workers. Furthermore, given the increased attention being paid to health insurance concerns, this coverage is a natural adjunct — health insurance pays for the short term while LTCi covers the long term.
  • Senior benefits and Medicare Benefits. With Florida’s aging population and the continuing role of the Baby Boom generation in the workforce, many businesses will need to serve the employee benefits insurance needs of older workers. Workplace coverage can help to bridge gaps in public insurance programs while also offering opportunities for senior workers to enjoy a better quality of life.

Employee benefits insurance packages can be customized to suit every business’ needs. The ability to choose coverage levels and carriers offers a great deal of flexibility. At the same time, businesses can also choose how much of the cost of the coverage they want to absorb and how much to pass on for employees to pay. Given the tax savings that some employee benefits insurance products offer, offering additional benefits frequently costs less than business leaders expect.

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