Umbrella Policies

Owning a business in Florida has its risks. Florida business owners are undoubtedly concerned about the fate of their company in this volatile era. The business world has never been more competitive. Accidents and mistakes are bound to happen. If an angry customer files a lawsuit against your business, the best means of defense is an umbrella policy or excess liability insurance. Just as an umbrella protects you from a storm, umbrella insurance protects your business from catastrophic problems that have the potential to wreak all sorts of havoc.

Every Florida business should secure an excess liability insurance policy to serve as an umbrella to its basic liability insurance. Such coverage kicks in when claims are made against your business that exceed the amount of the current liability coverage. Umbrella liability coverage is best thought of as a safety net that proves quite important in the event other business coverage is exhausted. You have the power to protect your business from a potentially devastating event with umbrella insurance through The Marcus Group. Contact our team today to learn more about this insurance.