Group Health Insurance

The Marcus Group offers affordable group health insurance to Florida businesses. Consider the fact that employment candidates have two main priorities when evaluating job offers: the salary and the benefits. Florida group health insurance from The Marcus Group can help you to attract the best applicants. Florida group health insurance provides coverage for the employer, their employees and (in many cases) their dependents. By offering this type of insurance, you benefit your organization by bringing in better workers. Your workers will be rewarded with reliable medical coverage should they ever need it. Workers with preexisting medical issues cannot be refused coverage, which could happen with an individual plan. If you are worried about high premiums, contact The Marcus Group. We will compare prices from the nation’s top providers to get a group health policy that is suitable for your employees and budget.
We at The Marcus Group are pleased to offer effective and cost-effective Florida group health insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need general business health insurance, Florida medical coverage for a large company, or coverage for a startup, we partner with premium health insurance providers that know what you and your workers need. Contact us to find out about the terms of Florida group health insurance as well as costs and exclusions.