Commercial Property Insurance

We never plan on a catastrophe or liability issue in our business. Fires, floods, and hurricanes may be natural disasters, but in Florida, they are a real possibility. Robberies and other types of theft are all too common. And if your business is open to the public, you are in position for a liability claim.

In the event of one of these types of issues, without Commercial Property Coverage, your business can face a tremendous financial burden. A commercial property insurance policy is necessary to help protect your business against covered losses.

Commercial property insurance covers the following:
• The structure of the business (meaning the actual building)
• Equipment and furniture
• Outdoor signs
• Damage to the property of others
• Landscaping
• Lost inventory

Commercial property insurance provided through The Marcus Group is customized to address risks of each Florida business. Meet with our team and we will help you decide which coverage is ideal for your company's needs and exposures. Our insurance professionals are more than willing to understand the complexities of your unique business and identify the appropriate insurance policies to fit your particular needs.