Surety Bonds

Whether you are in need of a Florida bond for new construction or a business endeavor, The Marcus Group can help. Our insurance team provides a variety of customized construction bonds that guarantee a certain task or project will be performed with due diligence and on time. Florida bond options can help the project remain on target while satisfying all legal obligations on the state and federal level.

Surety bonds are guaranteed as opposed to insurance policies. Florida businesses and contractors often have certain projects bonded to guarantee they are completed, regardless of the type of complications that might pop up. The Marcus Group provides businesses small and large with the following bonds:
• Performance: Guarantee the completion of work that is contractually agreed upon
• Bid: Guarantees work will commence following winning a bid
• Licenses and Permits: Guarantees the principal abides by the license terms (mortgage providers, automobile dealerships, etc.)
• Payment: Provides payment to sub-contractors and vendors
• Indemnity: Guarantees losses in the event another party does not meet deadlines

Florida bonds are contracts meant to accomplish one goal: provide guarantees. The extent of the guarantee hinges on language used when drafting the bond. This permits a larger scope and contributes to the bond's longevity as well as its diversity. Our agents will provide you with all sorts of surety bonds throughout the Sunshine State ranging from standard Florida bonds to license and permit bonds. Our agents will help you pinpoint the bond or bonds you require to safeguard your project as well as your investment.