Life Insurance

The variations of life insurance are seemingly endless. There is term life insurance as well as whole life insurance and universal life insurance. Other types include variable life insurance and survivorship insurance. The Marcus Group can help you to figure out which is right for you. Our life insurance professionals have a thorough understanding of Florida’s market and regulations. They can help you to find the right plan or combination of plans to meet your needs.

The Basics of Term Life Insurance
• Coverage for a limited period or “term.”
• Higher death benefit and lower premiums
• Rates can escalate once the term expires
• Does not accumulate cash value

The Basics of Whole Life Insurance
• Whole life insurance is permanent
• Provides coverage for the rest of your life
• Accumulates cash value
• Higher premiums, but greater long-term value

The Combination of Term and Whole Life Insurance
• Coverage for your whole life
• Use term life insurance to get extra coverage for certain times in your life