Condo Insurance

As the owner of a condominium or townhouse, you can select the ideal insurance plan that differs significantly from packages for ordinary homes. This allows you to maximize coverage for your property. With condos, you own an individual unit and share common spaces with other occupants, including the entire building. The condo association's insurance policy typically covers the shared areas on the property, while a condo owner's insurance policy typically covers the personal property stored in individual units. The same applies to liability in the event that an occupant suffers a personal injury in the building. Insurance packages for condominiums are aimed at providing coverage for risks that are not included in the townhouse and condo associations. The packages provide cover to items in your unit. These include appliances, furniture, personal belongings in addition to kitchen and bathroom facilities. The coverage also extends to any improvements you make to the unit. This means you can protect wallpaper, wall units and any structural renovations. The Marcus Group offers a convenient way for all condo owners to enjoy greater financial stability. You can take advantage of the insurance plans by requesting additional information or a quote today.