Disability Insurance

Does your employer provide disability insurance to ensure coverage if you are injured and unable to work? If they do, does it cover all of your time away from your job? These are important considerations for anyone thinking about purchasing disability insurance. You may need disability insurance even more than you think; it is not something that you want to leave to your employer. While worker’s compensation is mandated by law, not all states require disability insurance. In fact, disability insurance is only required by law in Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and Hawaii. In those states, employers must provide workers with up to 26 weeks of disability insurance coverage.

If your employer does not provide sufficient disability insurance coverage, or none at all, The Marcus Group can help. We offer disability insurance to help you avoid financial hardship. The purpose of disability insurance is to provide you with an income while you are recovering from your injuries and unable to work. Think about why this coverage is important. How would you and your dependents survive without your salary? What sacrifices would you be forced to make with no income? Disability insurance will give supplement your salary while you are away from work. Contact us at The Marcus Group today to learn more about disability insurance and for a free online quote.