Homeowners Insurance

In Orlando Florida, homeowners insurance allows you to prepare for any eventualities that could compromise your financial situation. By protecting your home, you secure your family's future thanks to well-formulated insurance plans by The Marcus Group. The majority of packages on offer cover the following risks:

• Damage or destruction of your main dwelling and other structures on your property. Additional structures covered by the insurance include garages, sheds and fences.

• Personal belongings coverage for appliances and furniture stored in your home. The majority of property insurance policies in Orlando Florida provides protection up to a pre-determined threshold or dollar value. This applies to cases involving theft or destruction of your belongings.

• It is also possible to cover for living expenses when you are unable to stay at the insured property due to structural damage. This type of cover is typically capped based on various factors, including the coverage amount.

In some cases, homeowners insurance plans can incorporate provisions to provide liability cover and protection for medical payments. This is aimed at helping you cope with any unforeseen events that result in the injury of any occupants or guests on your property. The Marcus Group allows you to pick the ideal insurance policy that meets your specific coverage needs and budget.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance enables you to maximize protection in the event that your Orlando Florida property is damaged or destroyed by flooding. Lack of coverage can translate to financial ruin for your household. It has been shown that even just a few inches of water can cause considerable damage to a home. This results in costly repairs and put a dent in your finances. Typically, homeowners insurance does not protect you from flooding. Hence, it is vital to take out an insurance policy that is specifically designed for flooding. The Marcus Group offers special plans that can help you restore your property following water damage.

Flood insurance is particularly important for anyone who lives in a flood-prone area in Orlando. On another level, climate change is contributing to an increase in severe weather events, including localized flooding. But you don't need to live in a high-risk area for flooding. 25% of all flood events happen in low to moderate risk areas. This necessitates taking out flood insurance with the aim to keep your home and possessions protected.

You can count on the Marcus Group to help you recover after storm surges, persistent rainfall, snow melts or flooding caused by blocked storm drainage systems. The insurer offers tailored policies that are based on your area's flood history and the exact location of your property.

Standard Flood Insurance Policies

Standard flood insurance policies are designed for residents of a community such as Orlando Florida, which participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The homes and contents of enlisted residents are covered against water damage. The program was introduced by the government with the aim to assist communities that live in flood-prone areas cope with the effects of localized flooding.

The government also uses the initiative to enforce floodplain management ordinances that play a major role in the reduction of flood damage. Communities can join the program voluntarily and adopt a variety of NFIP protection systems. Any flooding event that affects at least two properties or covers an area measuring at least two acres is handled under the program.

If residents opt for standard flood insurance policy, they are invited to apply for coverage of their properties separately.

Preferred Risk Flood Insurance Policies

The low-cost preferred risk policy, on the other hand, is aimed at protecting properties in areas that fall under the low or moderate risk zones. This type of policy is not mandatory but it provides much-needed protection if the property is affected by flooding. The Marcus Group offers preferred risk flood policies that are affordable and tailored to individual needs.